Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Green Themed Bloggers Become Modular Home Builders

In 2008, Greenfab started its life as a blog. At the time I classified them as Tree Huggers and took little note of them. That impression changed in 2009 when they began working on building modular and prefab homes putting their money into seeing the words on their blog turned into sticks, steel and glass.

This February they completed a home that I would love to buy except they don’t build homes on the East Coast…..Yet!

Greenfab worked with the homeowners on this 2,400 sq ft, 4 bedroom from every aspect from finding the property to build on, to design and ultimately factory/site construction and home delivery

This full turn-key service helped their clients build their own home in Seattle's extremely competitive housing market where the demand of existing homes far exceeds the supply.

The Seattle housing market is seeing existing homes sell far above the listing price and with bidding wars from multiple offers.  

Instead of purchasing an 1900's, craftsman designed home that needed renovations, the clients where able to work with Greenfab to build the modern, green home they had always dreamed of.  They have now built a modern home that is in high demand now in Seattle which gives them a highly sought after commodity when it comes time to sell.

Every square foot was thought about in this small footprint home to maximize storage and minimize energy consumption and other monthly costs.  The home was built extremely energy efficient with the ability for solar integration so the home can eventually reach net-zero energy performance.  

A basement apartment was also designed to attract the highly popular airbnb market.

That space has been fully booked since the owners moved in in February of this year.

The entire process was simplified in order to reduce the stress of the owner's busy daily lives.  The dense urban neighborhood also benefited from Greenfab's prefab construction process because the construction disturbance of having workers on the site nearby making noise and taking up parking spaces was dramatically reduced as the project was finished so much quicker.  

This home target’s LEED for Homes Platinum certification.

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M A Cramer said...

I have been waiting since the small house movement in 1970's at University of Illinois. Living along the NE Illinois/ NW Indiana border we too are waiting for GreenFab to arrive.