Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Builder Breakfast was Best Open Forum Yet

If you are part of the modular housing industry, the June Modular Builder Breakfast was the place to be.

Huge Attendance for June Builder Breakfast

Andy Gianino, the owner of The Home Store, was the guest speaker and within 15 minutes of talking about his ideas of builder consolidation, creating a better future and stop looking at what we did in the past, the builders and factory people began asking questions and debating the answers.

Andy Gianino Presenting His Ideas for a Better Future for Our Industry

It is about time that this type of open discussion about the future of our industry happens. Everyone was in complete agreement that what is happening today needs to change to get our industry above the 3-4% market we currently have.

There was a feeling of excitement in the air as ideas that most of us have had bottled up for years began flowing forth. Andy was only able to present about a quarter of what he what to share and I'm happy to say that he has agreed to return in October to pick up where he left off.

Finally the factory people and their builders have a true forum where they can sit down and talk openly about problems facing them and share successes.

There were 7 factories represented and 11 builders from VA to MA in attendance. The networking that takes place before and after the meeting is another reason to attend. The buffet was great also.

Don't be left out of the only place we all come together and have open discussions on a monthly basis.

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Harris - Finish Werks said...

Coach - GREAT breakfast. Creative juices are flowing again. Get Andy back to finish what we started. Too much time spent groaning and moaning. Need to focus on solutions. Solutions. Solutions.