Thursday, June 11, 2015

Large Modular Workforce Housing Project Ready to Go in Canada

Stack Modular, a Calgary modular home company is partnering with a New York City developer, Primco Holdings, to create one of the largest modular apartment projects ever built in North America.

Stack Modular is primarily a modular workforce housing specialist.

Duvernay Point, in Fox Creek, will eventually consist of more than 700 apartments and one million square feet of development in a variety of building designs and sizes.

Scott Hendrickson, vice-president of Stack Modular, said prospects are good in the Fox Creek area. The town has a population of 2,113, but an estimated 8,000 temporary-resident “shadow population.” The strain of that temporary population prompted the town last month to dramatically hike business licence rates for hotels.

“There certainly is a need up there (for housing) and there’s a need for housing that’s readily available and will be quickly built,” he said.

The new apartments will be fully furnished — including lighting, appliances and a wall-mounted TV — with designs tailor-made for the suites. David Weiss, project director for Primco Holdings, said all-inclusive monthly rent will be about $3,400. The apartments will be offered on one-year leases.

Weiss said the first phase will be ready for occupancy in early 2016. The rest of the Duvernay Point development will be dependent on market conditions.

“We see it as a great value play if you’ve got work going on up here,” said Weiss. “It’s a great product to be delivering to the market. It’s not intended to supplant or to replace the hotels and the worker camps. There are instances where the man camps make more sense. There are instances where the hotels make more sense.”

But Weiss said what will set the project apart is an unprecedented level of quality for northern Alberta.

“Every apartment is like a luxury condominium,” said Stack’s Hendrickson. Stack Modular designs the apartments in Calgary and builds them at a company-run factory near Shanghai, China. Modules are constructed overseas and assembled here.
The first apartments will be 980 square feet, two bedroom, two full bathrooms, in-suite laundry, and balconies. The buildings are steel-framed.

The first phase, with construction to begin in the fall, is a $15-million, four-storey, 48 suite building. It also includes a four-storey 56-suite building which will be developed in the future.

The first apartments will be 980 square feet, two bedroom, two full bathrooms, in-suite laundry, and balconies. The buildings are steel-framed.

“Inside and out, you can’t tell its modular, and that’s what we wanted,” said Hendrickson.
A complete show suite is on display at Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show which runs until Thursday at Stampede Park.

“This is exactly the kind of housing that we need and we really welcome this development to town,” said Fox Creek Mayor Jim Ahn in a statement. “Apartment living is ideal for company employees regardless of their length of stay, but what I like is that it provides families the opportunity to be together and experience our community. It’s like a gateway and families can then decide if this is the community where they want to stay and buy a home.”

Fox Creek is about 145 miles northwest of Edmonton.

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