Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Home Trends That Can Add Profit to Your Bottom Line

It seems that every year modular home buyers want something new or revamped. 

2015 has been no different. Do they all come to the same consensus at the same time on their own or are they told to want these changes and improvements from reading about it in magazines or on Pinterest? No one knows for sure but new home buyers, especially the younger crowd, want this year’s trendy items and are willing to pay for them. If you aren’t at least offering them to your modular home buyers you could be leaving money on the table that they will have a remodeler add at a later time at a lot more money than you would have charged when you built their new home.

Here are just a few of the things your customers might want in their new home:

Wide open kitchen entertainment area.
An open floor plan may feel like old hat but the next step is to remove all walls between the kitchen and living space for greater togetherness. Over the past decade the kitchen has become the social hub of the home and removing walls allows that feeling to grow into the living area. For us old timers, we called them “Country Kitchens.” Everything old is new again!

Freestanding tubs.
Freestanding tubs may conjure images of Victorian-era opulence but they are getting popular again with the younger buyer. These tubs complement other bathroom trends: open wall niches and single wash basins, since two people rarely use the room simultaneously.

Apps for the home.
Prices have come down for technologies such as web-controlled security cameras and motion sensors for pets. Newer models are also easier to install and operate since many are powered by batteries, rather than requiring an electrician to rewire an entire house, which offers a software platform that allows multiple smart devices to communicate with each other. Think Android and Apple apps.

Charging stations.
With the size of electronic devices shrinking and the proliferation of Wi-Fi, demand for large desks and separate home office is waning. However, home owners still need a dedicated space for charging devices, and places that everyone passes by daily with the most popular locations being a corner of a kitchen, entrance from the garage, and the mud room.

Two Master Suites.
Having two master bedroom suites, each with its own adjoining bathroom, makes a house work better for multiple generations. Such an arrangement allows grown children and aging parents to move in for long- or short-term stays, but the arrangement also welcomes out-of-town guests. When both suites are located on the main level, you hit the jackpot.

Faux Fireplaces.
The sight of a flame, even a faux one, has universal appeal as a signal of warmth, romance, and togetherness. New versions on the market make this amenity more accessible with more compact design and fewer venting concerns.

Specialized Storage.
The new buzzword is “specialized storage,” placed right where it’s needed. Young home owners want everything to have its place. More home owners are increasingly willing to pare the dimensions of a second or third bedroom in order to gain a suitably sized walk-in closet in their master bedroom. In a kitchen, it may mean a “super pantry”—a butler’s pantry on steroids with prep space, open storage, secondary appliances, and even a room for wrapping gifts. Over the years I have built a climate controlled Teddy Bear room and a secret room for 40 muzzle loaders next to the study among other tamer rooms. Ask if your customer has a need for this type of storage, it could mean thousands of extra dollars on the contract.

Service Station Garages
For Boomers that have several antique or exotic sports cars, adding lifts and service areas to large detached garages could be the ticket to mega bucks dropped to your bottom line. Jay Leno isn’t the only one that has dream cars.

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