Monday, June 1, 2015

NJ's American Custom Modular Ready to be Your Factory

When you think of modular homes and the state of New Jersey, rarely do you think that there is a first class modular home factory located there. In fact I didn’t even know there was one until I did an article about them in 2012, a full year after they opened their doors. They recently moved to a new factory location to better serve all NJ builders.


American Custom Modular, located in Millville, NJ is one unusual modular home factory. Not only are they the only one in NJ, they can ship 22’ wide modules within the state, they have a state of the art factory to build them in.

How many narrow lots are there in NJ cities or at the beach that have been overlooked by modular home builders because they couldn’t figure out how to put a 22’ wide house on a lot without the expense of 2 separate floors? This alone is reason enough to check them out.

The current owners took over a factory in September 20, 2011 that was only producing 3-4 houses a year. The first year they produced 12 homes. The following year saw them build 50 condominiums and 7 single family homes.  Since then another 137 condominiums and 25 homes have been produced.

Now they are ready to move into the next phase of business, building a network of NJ builders that will keep their newly acquired 300,000 sq ft of factories humming. They build their commercial projects in one building and single family in another.

Jeff DiMatteo
Jeff DiMatteo, the President of ACM, told me that builders like their “no limits” style of building modulars. The individual builder’s specs become their specs for that builder. A builder doesn’t have to fit into their standard specs, they fit into the builder’s. He, along with General Manager Phil Casale and Sales Manager Bob Campbell welcome you to take a tour of their new location and learn how going with ACM may be the best choice for any NJ modular home builder.

Phil Casale, General Manager
Bob Campbell, Sales Manager
Get ready to see more homes with the ACM logo on them in NJ, especially on the shore where homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy are still being built in record numbers.

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NJ Modular Builder said...

I knew they were there but knew nothing about them. Based on the looks of their factory alone I will be calling them. Coach, you're right about passing up narrow lots. That may never happen again.