Monday, June 29, 2015

Nobody Does It Better Than the MHBA

In my recent article, My Thoughts About the June Builder Breakfast, I asked what the next step should be for the betterment of our industry. Comments came in quickly with several stating that our industry has never worked well together in the past and probably never will. There has been such a love/hate relationship between factories and builders that many builders simply change factories when they can’t take it all the problems they encounter.

Two comments bring to light the differences we all see. The first is the frustration I assume some of you feel about the way modular housing is promoted and marketed and the second is the reply from Tom Hardiman, Director of the MHBA.

Bob the Builder said...
The debate about who should do what for whom has raged on for more than 30 years in our industry. The BSC has not helped promote modular housing and that MHBA looks like a sad attempt to get something happening but it has always been and will always be up to the builders to promote themselves because the people that build our houses only care about one thing; selling as many as they can and not spending any money promoting builders.

Shortly thereafter came Hardiman’s reply:

Tom Hardiman said...
So as the director of the MHBA, I feel compelled to comment here. First, we sent a survey to our members on the topic of funding a national campaign. Only 11% indicated that they would support a "per module" fee to fund the campaign, preferring instead that the campaign be funded from member dues.

Here's the problem with that - not enough of your are members! MHBA is simply a representation of the industry as a whole. So if we are a sad attempt to get something happening, I would suggest that anyone in this industry that is not a member of MHBA shoulders some of that criticism. Far too many companies continue to take a "wait and see" approach to joining MHBA. What that really means is that they are content letting other companies carry the ball for them while they sit on their wallets.

Thank goodness for the companies that have stepped up and shown real leadership for without them, this industry WOULD NOT have an association.

Time to put your money where your mouth is all you "anonymous" posters.

I agree completely with Tom Hardiman and encourage every factory and every modular home builder consider joining the MHBA. It can’t be effective representing only a limited number of members while the vast majority sit on the side lines doing nothing to help the MHBA reach its full potential as the best way to promote and market our industry.

Tom’s lobbying efforts when it comes to championing the modular housing industry is well known but it could be so much more effective if legislators and regulators knew that hundreds of local modular new home builders and their factories were standing right behind him supporting these efforts.

Money and numbers talk when it comes to making changes in any industry and both are needed now by the MHBA.

If you are already a member of the MHBA, fantastic.

If you haven’t joined yet, today would be a great day to visit their website and join. It will help you and your fellow builders.  

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