Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This is Why Modular Housing is Confusing to New Home Buyers

I watch tons of videos every year looking for that one gem that sums up all that is good about modular housing and why people should consider modular first when building their new home.

There have been quite a few good ones and I've published them. Some are terrific. Modular home builders and factories never cease to amaze me what great marketing can be achieved simply by using videos on Facebook and YouTube.

There are also the stinkers. Those videos that make one go "Ouch!" when you watch them. They don't get any better the second time around. I've published a couple of those for your viewing pleasure.

But this one by Green Terra Homes, a steel modular factory (or maybe they are just an online retailer) is cute to watch but their message makes buying a modular home look so simple that if anyone tried to follow their program as outlined in the video, the lawsuits could be packaged with the house.

I don't know these people but their video just might entice someone to think this is how simple it is to build a modular home yourself when in reality building a home, modular or site built, can test a marriage, cost a lot more than budgeted and take a lot longer than expected.

Watch the video and ask yourself is this a good video for the modular industry or a stinker.


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Anonymous said...

well done, nice 3br home with turnkey services in under 60 days, impressed with my new home, im right at the entrance to sandbanks park, and you are all welcome to drive by and see what a beautiful steel modular home the team at green terra built for me in under 90 days from start to finish on my lot.. this included removing my old cottage and putting in a new septic.. thanks again folks

Anonymous said...

the factory made my dream home a reality, handled everything from permitting to septic, what seemed like a huge challenge turned into an easy and amazingly fun experience.. thanks coral..! from the first visit to the factory, through design with colm working with tim as the home was constructed in the factory, matt and all his guidance, you made this as easy as promised.. anyone want to see my home on meyers island trent hills, ask matt or the team as I have volunteered my home as a model to all others who wish to see

Franklin Etters said...

Coach, I find it amazing that the last two "anonymous" posts bought a house from this company and had absolutely no problems and one said his house built in 60 days. If this is true, it has to be the first perfect modular houses ever built.
Whoever wrote these glowing comments about this factory/builder must either work for or own the company. Take these comments down.

Anonymous said...

Franklin, come by and see my home built before being a cyber bully. Who made you judge and jury>

Terry XXXXXX- Prince Edward County ON Canada...

World Detour said...

Hello anonymous, can I call any of you regarding your experience with Green Terra Homes. What I find lacking is details on how the homes are to be properly secured to foundation ...and ability to customize slightly to accommodate custom windows, skylights and door sizes. I would like to find at least one happy customer that I can see their finished product in Ontario... so far I've found NONE good reviews. Zero, I'm giving this company one last chance for a good independent customer review.

Regards Kristian

Unknown said...

Wish I could say we even received enough materials for our build. Someone,please help us. My husband (mentally disabled veteran) and I paid up front over $13,000.00 for a steel frame home from Green Terra Homes. We wanted to build "green". We only received some damaged wall panels. Now they won't send the rest of what we already paid for. They, Sonia Pinto, are elusive, rude, and won't respond to me anymore. They were so nice and helpful, until they took my money. We are homeless and out of money, with two teenage daughters.
Misti Tipton

Unknown said...

My husband (mentally disabled veteran) and I paid over $13,000.00 for a steel frame home from Green Terra Homes. We wanted to build "green". We only received some damaged wall panels. Now they won't send the rest of what we already paid for. We are homeless and out of money, with two teenage daughters. I have tried contacting the news, in Trenton, Ontario, as well as the mayor. Why won't anyone stop these people? Who can I turn to?
Misti Tipton

Unknown said...

Hello Ms. Tipton. I would suggest that you lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They may contact the vendor on your behalf.


Please let us know how it turns out as I was interested in Green Terra Homes, but now I am worried.

April L Herrett. enjoythegulf@gmail.com said...

One of the green Terra homes would be perfect for our lot in Virginia but I can't seem to actually see a real one constructed anywhere I would love to come by and have a look at your home can you reach out to me please