Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cutting Edge Homes Targets the California Market With New Video

Cutting Edge Homes, a California modular home builder, delivers Modular and SmartPanel Homes for single-unit projects in California and Hawaii and for multi-unit projects internationally. They do not provide individual homes for single-projects in the USA outside of California and Hawaii.

They provide wholesale priced Modular and SmartPanel homes and can have a network of contractors that can provide you with a turn-key home. Many of their clients purchase the home from Cutting Edge and have a factory certified set-up crew receive and set the home, and use one of their local general contractors to file their permits and perform the site-work.

In a state like California, where prices are high, it can save the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars.

Recently they produced a video targeting the California and Hawaii markets for their single family homes.

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