Monday, July 6, 2015

Japanese Bathrooms a Role Model for Modular Apartments

When is comes to packing a lot into a small apartment very few can match the Japanese. Some of their cities are so densely populated, residents have adapted to living life large in a small space.

Their bathrooms are no exception. I was truly amazed by some of these things available to them. Loved a couple of them.

The host on your tour of her bathroom is quite cute.


Laszlo Kiss said...

Very good post. There needs to be more creativity in the home market for sure. I have been proposing split bathrooms (sinks in one room with the shower & toilet in an other) for quite some time now and my clients like them.

Laszlo Kiss,

Frank Dertzbaugh said...

I was hosted by several Japanese families in their private homes/apartments two years ago and was very impressed with the efficient bathroom layout and technology they were using. I had never seen those products in the USA before. They use a lot of plastics. The toilets were brilliant to me because the hand washing sink on the top of the toilet tank drains its grey water into the tank for the next flush. Also the toilets have heated seats and bidet cleansing features that were digitally operated. I have since gotten that type of toilet for a customer here. Their kitchens are equally efficient and earthquake resistant!