Thursday, July 9, 2015

Join Us in September for the Modular Home Builder "Boot Camp"

A lot of industry groups have day long "Boot Camps." Realtors are notorious for them, site builders have them, convenience store owners have and there's even one for independent herb growers but as far I could learn, there has never been an all day Modular Home Builder Boot Camp.

Well folks, that just changed. The long wait is over. On September 16, Modcoach is hosting the first ever Boot Camp for our industry.

Tom Hardiman
Four top industry experts are coming together to help modular builders and factory people gain knowledge about the ins and outs of contracts, protecting your business with better warranties, learning how to capture leads and follow up for more sales and Tom Hardiman will talk about what our industry is facing in the year ahead. More about the speakers next week.

The Boot Camp will be held on September 16th at the Country Cupboard from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. A continental breakfast and their world famous lunch buffet will be included.

The cost for all this is only $99 per person. Seating is limited to the first 50 people. Special room rates are available for those needing to stay overnight.

More information will be available next week but if you want to be the first to sign up, just CLICK HERE to make your reservations.

Did I mention the Lunch Buffet?


Anonymous said...

I;ve been following your blog for several years and it is part of my morning must read list. You offer so much for modular home builders including those breakfast meetings (I have been to 3 of them), sales advice, a huge job listing section, interviews with some of the big guns of modular and now you are holding an entire day of boot camp.

I have to ask, are you a one man association for modular or are you actually part of the MHBA? I asked a couple of people and they all told me you are aon the staff. Which is it?

Either way I will always be greatful for everythibg you do for us and wish you many more years as Coach

Coach said...

Dear anonymous, thank you for the compliment and I hate to burst your friend's bubble but I am not on the staff of MHBA or any other association. This started as my way of keeping busy during my retirement and it just grew into what you see today. I noticed early on that nobody, no association or group was speaking for our industry and thought it might help if I did.
In recent years the MHBA has stepped up and is doing some great work for builders and factories and if you haven't joined the MHBA yet, you really should.
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that reads my blog and supports my efforts to help the modular housing industry.