Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another Reporter Needs a Lesson in Identifying Modular Homes

OK, I'm on my high horse again.

Here is another reporter that doesn't know his manufactured double wide trailer from a hole in the ground. Please, somebody in Portsmouth should write him and explain what the differences are between a modular home and a double wide trailer.

Here are pictures of the Hillcrest "Modular" Home Park.

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The Planning Board voted to unanimously approve the granting of five conditional use permits as the owners of a Lafayette Road modular home park continue to upgrade the development.
 A group of at least 50 modular home owners from Hillcrest Estates, who attended the Planning Board meeting in City Hall, stood and applauded after the board voted to grant the conditional use permits (CUP).
 The park was first developed in the 1960s, according to attorney Bernie Pelech, who represented the park’s owners, Hillcrest at Portsmouth LLC, during the hearing.
 He noted that most of the manufactured homes in the park are in the wetland buffer, which didn’t exist when it was initially built. That requires them to get a conditional use permit whenever a home is replaced, he said.
 The park’s owners purchased the park about two years ago and since that time have undertaken to “tremendously upgrade Hillcrest Estates,” Pelech said.
 “It is a showplace now. The people who live there love it,” Pelech stated.
 There are now about 210 to 215 modular homes in the park, and there “are less than 10 school children,” who live there, Pelech said.

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