Sunday, August 23, 2015

Clayton Building a Printed Modular Home

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory partnered with Clayton Homes last October to work on printing a 3D home.

ORNL gave Clayton the tools (printer) and worked with them to think outside the box by removing conventional constraints and move housing into the 21st Century. No corners, no sticks or steel and new materials.

3D House Printer

It is rumored that they have reduced materials in the home by 40%!

At this time the home is currently under construction. It is being printed in several large sections and then assembled within the Clayton Homes facility where it will be unveiled on September 23rd.

The future of home modular building lies in energy efficiencies and working with the latest technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of homes, as well as save homeowners money over the long run.

Certainly this integrated platform will act as a springboard for future concepts within modular home construction and energy conservation.

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Anonymous said...

It certainly won't fit their current price point model when delivered. Can't wait for the code bureaucrats to get their snout in the tent.