Tuesday, August 4, 2015

IBS Growing Stronger With the Epoch Homes Acquisition

Innovative Building Systems Announces Completion of Acquisition of Certain Assets of Epoch Homes

Premier Custom Modular Manufacturer in the U.S. Broadens its Market Reach

Innovative Building Systems LLC (“IBS”), the leading custom modular home producer in the United States and Ironwood Capital (“Ironwood”), a private investment firm focused on middle market companies, have announced that they have completed the agreement under which a newly-formed affiliate of IBS’s Excel Homes unit, EHG Acquisition Co., LLC, has acquired certain assets of Epoch Homes (“Epoch”), a brand of highly customized fine modular homes marketed to builders in the Northeast.

IBS is the leading custom modular home producer in the U.S., currently operating factories in Maine, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana and Iowa.  It currently markets its single family homes under the brand names Excel Homes, All American Homes, Modukraf Homes, HandCrafted Homes, Keiser Homes and Future Homes.  Its multi-family and commercial buildings are constructed at all five facilities under the brand Innovative Design and Building Services (IDBS).

With the addition of certain Epoch Homes assets, IBS has further advanced its position as the premier manufacturer of high quality custom modular homes throughout the United States.

With IBS bringing a strong leadership team, multiple high quality production facilities in the Northeast and expertise in growing custom modular brands, Epoch Homes is poised to grow as a leader in the high-end, highly customized modular homes industry. 

“The Epoch Homes name has long been known within the modular industry for its traditions of quality, innovation, service and craftsmanship,” stated Phil Hickman, President of Excel Homes and All American Homes.  “We’re very excited to add Epoch Homes to our family of industry-leading brands.”

Doug Basnett, currently President and COO of Epoch Homes will become a key member of the IBS management team in the new IBS role of Vice President of Epoch Homes.  He remarked that, “We are excited to partner with a strong organization like IBS to ensure that quality and innovation remain trademarks of Epoch Homes as we grow.  We welcome this transition and look forward to achieving great success together as a team.”


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Why would IBS acquire a factory that has NOT built a house in the last 3 months? It does make sense if they wanted the builder base becuase Epoch had no sales or backlog.

Anonymous said...

If it had no sales or backlog then it can't have an active builder base selling or maybe its internal team could not generate or create excitement for a builder base. Maybe IBS sees more opportunity for commercial or a regenerated base. Of course, something can be said for eliminating a competitor in a market since capitalizing a new plant as a start up is expensive.

Anonymous said...

I have contacted Epoch homes multiple times over the past few weeks both by phone and email. I did not hear back and I know the building where they were located in Pembroke is vacant.
Wondering why I never heard back from the new co that took them over!

Anonymous said...

I just read an article that this whole company...IBS is out of business. Shut down and filed for bankruptcy!