Monday, August 3, 2015

Mark Gillespie, a Friend of Modular Housing Has Passed

I just received this notice about the passing of a great friend of the modular housing industry:

Mark Gillespie

The Modular Industry looses a true friend to all. On Saturday July 25, 2015, Mark Gillespie passed away. Mark was employed as a Project Manager at Professional Building Systems, Inc. (PBS) located in Middleburg, Pa.. Prior to joining PBS, Mark served as Project Manager for Deluxe Building Systems in Berwick, Pa and as Project Manager for Penn Lyon Homes, Inc.

During his career, Mark worked for numerous construction related companies. We first became friends of Mark at Penn Lyon, where Mark worked on the line, in Maintenance, as a Purchasing Manager for the Commercial Division and finally as a Project Manager.

We could always count on Mark to get the job done. Whether it was getting a part to finish a job or collecting the final payment on a project – Mark never let us or the company down.

Mark brought another dimension to the modular industry with his expertise from his entire career in which he pulled it all together protecting the interests of both the manufacturer, the builder, and the end user, making sure all were on board together doing the best job possible.

Mark touched all our lives with his quick whit and unsolicited comments. It was never a dull moment when you were in his company. Mark did whatever it took to get the job done. I will never forget the time Mark and I played in a church golf tournament and Mark approached the priest. Mark proceeds to ask the priest if he could identify Adam and Eve in a room full of naked men and women laying face up. Not sure what the answer was, I held my breath. Mark proceeded to tell the priest that Adam and Eve would be the ones without the belly button (what a relief) since they were created and not conceived. Of course, Mark ended the joke with his patented laugh / chuckle. My one goal was to leave Mark speechless and without a quick come back. Needless to say, I was unable to do that.

We know that everyone will always remember Mark in their own special way.

He certainly was one of a kind guy. Truly a friend to all.

Mark, we will all miss your knowledge, dedication, cheer, quick wit, stories and jokes. Thanks for all the memories. You lived life your way, all the way.

Rest in peace, our friend.

You are greatly missed.

Ed Clark
Jack Kircher

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