Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

There are many ways to market your modular homes to customers, and most of them cost a lot of money. To do it on the cheap is an art form, and takes a lot of skill.

But it really can be done. Here are a couple of ways to market your homes without much of an investment other than your time.
1. Write an Article for this blog.
Publishing an article on Modular Home Builder helps more people find you through search engines, and publishing useful content helps make you an expert in your given field. When people search for information, they read the content you have produced, and then it leads them back to you as a viable option for the sale. Have an opinion, a perspective. Don’t be afraid to offend or make your voice heard. And remember, there is never a charge for submitting an article. I will include your company’s website and your email address at no charge. That means that taking a couple of hours over a few days will get you published for free.

2. Social Media is FREE
You can spin your wheels on social media. Don’t. If you want success here, then you need to analyze what works. Looking across the items that you share for patterns, what posts are garnering the most likes, shares, and new followers. Social media can be a great, free addition to your marketing mix. Just make sure that you are spending your time wisely by putting effort into posts that have the most return for your business. If you have a business Facebook page, check the Insights tab for detailed info on what people are engaging with and sharing.

3.  Be a news maker
I’m not talking about making the front page of  The NY Times as an axe murderer, but builders forget that there are lots of places that people go for news and information about buying a new home, and getting your story told on these sources is a smart, free way to market. Are you writing press releases for local publications?  Are you pitching news sources online? Even something as simple as creating a Wikipedia page for your business can be free marketing. Share all the news coverage you can get over social, blogs, and email to amplify the results.

4.  FREE email services
Email gets overlooked. But if you do it right, it’s incredibly effective. Especially when measured against cost. The challenge is collecting email addresses. To get people to sign up, you need to give something away for free. It doesn’t need to be a physical item.

Plenty of people will sign up for marketing emails, if you make the content valuable for them. A very successful realty collective highlights local businesses and attractions every week in their emails. Offering information in exchange for peoples’ attention is a great way to market without spending money. There are a lot of services like Constant Contact that offer free trials for email services if you don’t yet have one.

5. Engage
Engaging your customers through photo and videos is the number one way to get attention. People don’t read anymore, they consume media in sound bytes, video or beautiful imagery. Make sure you have a Pinterest page to highlight your homes, or images within articles you are writing. Get your happy customers to send a photo of them in their new home that you can post to social media.

Try one or try them all, there are many ways to experiment getting your business out there, and all for free. So go for it! Right now is the time to start trying some of these tactics. So, what are you doing to promote your business that costs nothing?

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