Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NJ Builder Never Stops Marketing Modular Homes

Once again Anthony Zarrilli, owner of Zarrilli Homes in Brick, NJ, is marketing his modular home business directly to the people that mean the most to his success. The prospective new home buyer.
Since Hurricane Sandy the need to replace homes in NJ is beyond measure for many new builders, both site and modular, opening up for business. Zarrilli Homes was a very successful modular home builder before Sandy and continues to grow his business by doing things that other builders can't or won't do for the new home buyer.

Open Houses, Bus tours to the factory, Meet and Greets and his latest in a string of very successful marketing efforts, the "Meet the Team" to be held on August 13th.

We wish Anthony an overflow of enthusiastic new home buyers at this latest but definitely not his last marketing idea.

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