Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Take the Building Systems Council Quiz

I swear to God that I'm not making this up. I couldn't in a million years have devised something so funny but leave it to the Building Systems Council of the NAHB to create this.

Here is the quiz to determine what type of systems built home you should build. ROF-LMAO

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Building Systems Councils is celebrating National Building Systems Week Aug 2-8. The goal: Educate consumers about system-built homes and the advantages of owning one.

Systems-built homes, which include modular, panelized, concrete, and log and timber homes, provide home buyers with alternative routes to home building that can save them time and money. If you’ve ever wondered what type of building system would best fit your lifestyle, now’s the time to find out. Our newest quiz will point you in the right direction. Be sure to share your results!


Anonymous said...

Hey Coach- what better way to cap off hump day then to take this hysterical quiz. You know- we make fun, but maybe this is based on some long-term psychological research which showed that if you like the color yellow & like to bird watch- then you are best suited to build a modular home. Who knew?

Coach said...

I took the quiz myself and it said I should build a concrete home.

Maybe I should start another blog called "Concrete Home Builder" for the 6 concrete home builders in the US.

Anonymous said...

Bird watches unite - Build Modular - after all they live in "Tiny Homes" LMAO

BTW Coach I'm apparently a concrete dweller as well. Maybe its a throw back the the "duck and cover" exercises in middle school.

Anonymous said...

As cute and funny as this quiz is, it shows how misguided the BSC is in its efforts to further systems built housing. I am a modular home builder who would never have found the "quiz" without Coach's blog.

I am embarrassed that this is the total marketing effort of the NAHB for systems building. It's hard enough to get the factories to market modular homes.

Wake up BSC and stop putting up stupid quizzes and awful videos. Start using some of the talent that must reside somewhere at the NAHB to start marketing modular homes.