Monday, August 10, 2015

Why You Need a Blog

By Reed Dillon, Marketing Consultant

Even though blogs have been around since the 90’s, I really did not grasp their importance until recently. 

A quick query of the web shows that the number of blogs worldwide number in the hundreds of millions. People are starting blogs everyday on every topic known to man.

A blog is simply an online written journal that helps you connect with your online community. 

A website without a blog is like a car with an undersized engine. The car will still work but it could do much better with more horsepower. Blogs are relationship tools that can help you to influence and interact with people with like interests. 

Most blogs will allow viewers to post their own comments to your blog.  A blog can be a part of a website or exist independent in its own domain.

Below is what I believe are the most important reasons why you should consider having a blog if you are not already using one.
  1. A blog create opportunities. It is your chance to directly communicate with your community of followers. It is your stage to connect and share relevant information and views that can engage and energize potential customers.
  2. A blog is an influencing tool for you to educate the viewer to your point of view.
  3. A blog should complement your overall brand strategy. It can help you position yourself as a thought leader, expert and innovator in the industry.
  4. A blog creates a forum to give opinions about new products and services in addition to what’s current in the marketplace.
  5. A blog is the easiest way to populate your site with new rich content.
  6. Your blog can help you get better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines love new content and will also index your blog separately from your website, thus doubling your chance to acquire more traffic.
  7. No graphic design skills required with a blog. Your website should have a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you easily up load your posts.  Also there are numerous blogging platforms out there pre-constructed just for blogging that are very user-friendly.
  8. You can share your blog domain on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts as well as in, emails newsletters, e-books, etc. The more you share your links via social media posts the greater is the opportunity to drive many more people to your site.
  9. A blog can be your vehicle to capitalizing on PR. Generate ideas for press releases from your blog or simply post your press release directly onto you blog.
  10. A blog can be a sales tool to introduce new products and services to you customers and the public-at-large. As your blog grows potential customers may use your blog a resource for unbiased information and a reliable outlet for information.
  11. A blog keeps you from being lazy. It sharpens your focus and keeps up with current events. A blog can be segmented into separate categories that are targeted at the needs of your online community. A blog without a direction is a waste of kilobytes and attracts fewer readers.
  12. A blog can give you a unique understanding of your audience and their online habits and preferences. Blog analytics allows you to dig deep into tracking what are tending issues with your readers as well as track click-thru’s, popular topics, shares and comments.

I’d welcome hearing your suggestions regarding how blogs may work for you. Post your questions and ideas in the comments section below.

ABOUT Reed Dillon - After nearly two decades of experience heading the marketing departments of some of the industry’s largest modular manufacturers and earning numerous national awards, Reed Dillon is the owner of Creative Brand Content - a national marketing consulting company. You can contact Reed at or by phone at 540-488-2978.  

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crest said...

The problem is not whether or not you need it, but convincing modular home companies that it is worth the time to update your website and have a blog.

Its been mentioned multiple times at our company and the owner's believe that if they didnt need it 10 years ago, they dont need it now. Word of mouth is our only marketing...