Monday, September 14, 2015

KBS Showcases Their 5 Story Building in MA

Just last week I published an article about PBS delivering a 5 story modular building to NJ and included a statement from the developer that this modular was the tallest modular building in the US. However it was not the first.

In the fall of 2014 KBS Builders, Inc. of South Paris, Maine set a 5 story multi-use project which included 61 living units in Cambridge, MA., which per the date of the project would have made this project the first.

If you or your modular home factory has a project that you would like to showcase, please take a few minutes and send me some pictures and a little info about it and I will be happy to put it on the blog. All it takes is one developer to see it and give you a call to make your day.

I realize that you don’t carry a camera with you everywhere you go…oops, yes you do, on your smart phone, and I know it might take a little effort, but do yourself a favor and toot your own horn as nobody else will do it for you.

Here is the KBS 5 story building and it is beautiful.




Anonymous said...

Someone should have done their research. Check out the Nhabit Belltown project that was installed in 2013 in Seattle.

Architect: Bushnaq Studio
Contractor: Charter Construction/OneBuild
Units: 49

Unknown said...

Wow... very beautiful project! Great to see such high profile buildings being built modular. Looking forward to seeing it in person.