Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Make Your Reservation for October's Builder Breakfast

I've been very successful inviting interesting people to the monthly Modular Builder Breakfasts and this time is no exception.

The October Breakfast will be a little different. The main speaker will be, Steve Kennealy, Director of the Manufactured Buildings Program, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Safety, talking about the problems he faces with untrained, unqualified set crews in his state.

Then Mark Conte, PA Department of Community Economic Development, Factory Housing Building Standards, and Stan Weaver, Modular Home Erectors, Inc, will join with Mr Kennealy in an Open Forum where you can ask questions and get answers to some of the biggest problems facing the modular home industry including the future of licensing set crews.

If you build homes or work for a modular home factory, this is one Builder Breakfast you can’t afford to miss.

Join us on Wednesday, October 21st from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM for a great breakfast buffet followed by an Open Forum.

It will be held at The Country Cupboard, 101 Hafer Road in Lewisburg, PA, 17837, one of the most unique venues in the entire state with two large hotels on the grounds for those needing rooms.

The cost is only $25 per person which includes the breakfast buffet.

CLICK HERE to make your reservation as seating is limited.


Bobby said...

Wow, Gary, you hit the jackpot on this month's speaker.
This will be a very interesting forum with Steve Kennealy. Bing part of a manuafacturing team, it is very difficult to over see a hired set crew from here in PA. You have to belive that they are making all of the required connections, only to find out months later that they never properly installed a 100+ connectors. Now the local has Steve involved and your company is spending $1000's of dollars to make the necessary repairs and try to keep your name out of the negative section of the newspaper.
I am glad to got Steve to attend. Well done Gary!!!

Unknown said...

As I have expressed to you in previous conversations I believe there are few on the regulatory side that have impressed me as much as Steve has during my 34 years in the industry. He maintains an understanding of our industry that many on our side are lacking as well as being both well informed and well spoken.
The connection between manufacturers, builders and regulators is known to be tenuous at times but this has never been the case in my dealings with Steve from the manufacturing side. Professional, fair, open minded; these are a few of the positives I connect with him as a person and as a representative of the BBRS in MA. I think his presence at the Breakfast is a great plus and should open the floor to the possibility of extremely constructive dialogue.

Anonymous said...

A lot of problems with the set crew could be avoided if there was a builder rep and factory rep on-site paying attention to what is being done. Also builders need to know what goes into setting a modular. Would help the set crews to have someone on-site when there are problems with the house too.