Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Modular Housing Could be the Right Choice for the World's Most Vulnerable

The US isn’t the only country facing a shortage of housing for the poor. Ireland, especially in Dublin, is facing an even tougher situation.

One group, the Peter McVerry Trust, is putting pressure on the Irish legislature to relax their stringent building codes to allow modular housing be used for the homeless.

This follows the same scenario facing Germany where pressure is being put on their code officials to relax tough building codes to allow modular housing for Syrian refugees.

In Dublin the situation isn’t just for the homeless, it extends to people living at or below the poverty level that are having extreme difficulties finding adequate housing.

The Trust said it was necessary to get people who were ready for housing out of emergency accommodations to make sure there are beds for the most vulnerable.

This situation isn’t going away anytime soon for Germany or Ireland or for the rest of the world for that matter. Modular housing can and should be the answer to this crisis.

We as an industry need to take a look at this market, put some plans together, present them to each state’s legislature and push for relaxing the stringent building codes we have all been forced to follow which costs thousands of dollars and as far as most people can tell, isn’t really helping build better homes, just more expensive and less affordable ones.

Modular can make the difference.

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