Monday, September 28, 2015

Offsite Construction Expo in Pictures

September 23rd and 24th saw the arrival a new event in the modular and offsite construction industry, the Offsite Construction Expo in Washington, DC.

The director of the event, Tom Hardiman, put on a great show with tons of booths to visit, great speakers to listen to and plenty of food and drink.

Here are some pictures taken during the two day event.


Anonymous said...

The show was a bust. Ten people at the booth in two days. Four of the, other mod guys. They wanted $1800 to walk the show if your in the industry. Another great example of modular marketing.

Anonymous said...

After many years of exhibiting and/or attending trade shows I learned to carefully review my expectations based on the attendee and exhibitor lists for setting a booth or attending any event. Based on the exhibitors and/attendees listed you may have had the wrong expectations for the attendee market.

Trade shows in many cases are not effective marketing opportunities if your ultimate clients are not included on the list of attendees or if you have too many competitor exhibitors.

Although the Expo was a good promotional event for the MHBA to raise awareness and education for the consumer or end user it probably did not generate business revenue for the exhibitors.

Anonymous said...

Trade Shows rarely generate revenue unless you are selling crafts or homemade candy.

They do get your company in front of hundreds of people that might never have found you otherwise. That alone is worth the cost of buying a booth.

Maybe in a couple of years when one of those attending find themselves needing help they will go through the business cards they picked up and give you a call.

That is why you need to keep buying booth space. If this was your first show, please don't give up as most of them are not this good.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what other posters are talking about. We have design agreements already in negotiation for two substantial projects from this show. I saw a lot of drab displays staffed by people who didn't look like professionals. Invest in a suit or sportcoat, then invest in a good display.