Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tallest Wooden Modular Building in US Built by PBS

Construction is underway on 42 apartments on Barclay Street in Paterson, NJ  that will serve as dormitories for students from a New York-based medical school who are going through training at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. Modular construction is being used.

One thing that you will notice is that the building is 5 stories high. Thinking that the most I had seen before was 3 stories I called an expert and got the explanation.

If the 5 story wood framed modular building is built on a concrete/steel frame first floor and the first several floors have stud spacing of 8” and wider as it goes up, and it is built to the code which governs dormitories, 5 floors are permissible.

Officials at New York Medical College (NYMC) say the dormitories will be ready to open in January.

Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres expressed excitement about the new dorms. “I believe that at some point you might see something similar happening in our downtown with young people at PCCC (Passaic County Community College),” the mayor said.

The dorms near St. Joseph’s appeared on Barclay Street almost overnight. The contractor two weeks ago stacked five units of wood-framed modular housing on top of the first-floor steel-framed base, according to a spokesperson for the developer, The Danza Group.

The building stands 60-feet and six-inches high and its builders are boasting that it is the tallest wood modular structure in the country. The building includes both studio and one-bedroom apartments. In some instances, students’ spouses will live with them, according to the medical college.

“The building will provide our students with safe, affordable housing and contribute to the ongoing revitalization of the community surrounding the hospital,” said Dr. Alan Kadish, President of Touro College and University Systems and New York Medical College.

The Danza Group hired Professional Building Systems, Inc. in Middleburg, PA to construct the dorms.

Tony Danza, the chief executive officer of the development company, said the new modular dormitory is being built “in a fraction of the time needed for other construction techniques.”


Anonymous said...

2009 article on 5-1/2 story over concrete podium in Seatle WA.

Anonymous said...

The building is actually six stories, with the top five modular.