Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Windows 10, the Ultimate in Deceptive Marketing

Microsoft is a huge company and their marketing machine is huge. Everywhere you look you see them promoting their new Windows 10 operating system with videos of small children doing extraordinary things with their computer. Bluebirds are singing along with rainbows and puppies.

It is being marketed as the the future of computing.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yesterday my desktop crashed. I have always been faithful in saving my important files to flash drives and to the Google cloud. So off I go to Office Max and buy a $600 HP desktop with Windows 8.1. As a Windows 7 user which is no longer available, I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. 5 Hours later, 10 was installed.

Sanyo MBC 555

Now I am not new to computers. My first personal computer was an IBM PC Jr in 1984 followed a Sanyo MBC 555 running MS-DOS, followed by an assortment of Eagle, Blue Thunder, Acer, HP, Swan, Campaq and others. I jumped into Windows 2.0 in 1987. I've paid my dues.

Eagle computer

About a year ago I bought a Chromebook with Google's operating system. Best investment I ever made. Fires up in 3 seconds and works intuitively. If only Google made a desktop.

Now I have Windows 10 or should I call Windows Hell 1.0.

Gone is everything I have learned over the past 30 years, replaced by an operating system that is so complicated that the only reason they show young children using it in their TV ads is that they must be taught Windows 10 at an early age so they can understand how to properly use it by the time they reach high school.

Marketing. Microsoft is a whiz at it. They take crap, market it as the future of personal computing and once you buy it, they tell you nothing about how to use it.

After the long wait, I really tried to get a handle on it. Total failure. I added Google's Chrome as my Internet browser which was great but Windows 10 doesn't play very nice with it. I tried to install all my files from the flash drive but I was lead down a twisting path of dead ends and weird instructions. I didn't have enough bread crumbs to find my way home. I gave up on that for now.

And talk about speed. There isn't any. It's like I was on AOL again on dial up. I have a 50 Mbps connection and I verified it through a speed test but Windows is such a hog that it kills that speed.

Then the ultimate in making me feel stupid. How does one 'Shut Down' the computer? I have no idea so I just put it to sleep. No, I didn't take it to the vet and have it put down but that could happen today.

Thank God for my Chromebook or I would have to dig my old XP out of the closet and fire it up.

I really don't understand why Microsoft spent even one penny on marketing this POS. All they had to do was force Windows 10 into every new computer, maintain the older versions as nobody really has a choice anyway.

Thanks for nothing Microsoft. I now have a brand new $600 rock sitting on my desk that I am about ready to heave out the window (pun intended).

Has anyone gotten to the point with Windows 10 that they can answer some basic questions for me?


Anonymous said...

I love Windows 10 and (knock on wood) so far haven't had any problems and have had it loaded for a few weeks now. To shut it down, go to Start (lower left corner), click on Power and pick Shut Down. Use Cortana (Ask Me Anything in lower left corner) and she will show you the way.

Freddie said...

what does this have to do with modular housing???

Don said...

why did you try this before buying? it would be like buying a house from an internet ad without looking at it or talking to builder face to face.


If you're company uses revit and/or autocad I would wait a bit as revit/autcad are not officially "supported" yet on Windows 10. Thats not to say it won't work but there's likely to be problems I guess

Coach said...

Even though the audience for the blog is the modular industry, occasionally I have to rant about something else. I got it off my chest and I promise I won't write about it again.
Thanks for allowing this one rant.