Monday, October 5, 2015

Bankrupt Modular Home Builder Goes on the Auction Block Oct 6

Woodworking machinery at Demtec, the Princeville, Quebec, modular home builder that struggled through insolvency  in 2013, will be auctioned October 6. Their website is no longer up.

Automated systems flooring and wall component firm said to be Canada's largest, will be auctioned October 6. Equipment placed in service in 2008, including a complete Weinmann automated production wall line machining system at an original investment of $3.3 million will be sold.

Used for about 3.5 years, the system wa regularly serviced by Homag and had a capacity of 1 meter of wall per minute.

The seller is willing to break the line into component parts as well. These include: a framing station (model WEM 150/12); Saw Centre Profiline 5 Axis Optimizing Saw, (model WBS 120/06); and a Component Nailer Optimat production line.

Also being sold is a 2002 Holz-Her Sprint 1310-1 edgebander, a machine shop, miscellaneous trucks, 40-foot sea containers, modules for apartments 16' x 45' long, and large quantities of wood and wood components.

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