Monday, October 5, 2015

California Wants to Force Fido to Stay Indoors

I knew it wouldn’t be long before California Energy Czars would look at the pet door as a major breech in their requirements for a Net Zero home. Very soon site builders will have to build near Net Zero homes and as we all know, this will add thousands of dollars to the home owner’s mortgage without that much of a return.

Meanwhile the modular home industry doesn’t have to gear up that much more to achieve and pass CA’s coming energy regulations because of the inherent way we build our homes. I can’t imagine modular construction not being the way to build homes in CA after the Net Zero people get their way.

That pesky pet door problem has been a thorn in the sides of every builder needing to get their HERS ratings to near zero. No more will your Doggie need to be stuck in the house looking for a place to do their duty. Then can now be part of the solution.

Freedom PetPass has announced that it has achieved default label approval from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for its line of pet doors. The CEC label indicates that the product meets the stringent energy-efficiency standards outlined in California's Title 24 rules for residential construction. Freedom Pet Pass dog and cat doors are the first and only pet doors to receive this approval.

To qualify for the CEC label, Freedom Pet Pass cat and dog doors underwent a series of official tests at Architectural Testing Incorporated, an independent third-party laboratory that tested the doors for air leakage and resistance to heat transfer. The test results are documented on the CEC label and show that Freedom Pet Pass doors are 10 times more energy-efficient than the CEC requirements for pet doors.

Can we say that CA has finally gone over the edge?

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