Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Modular Home Buyers Are Looking for Something Special

Every day new home buyers are meeting with modular home builders for the first time and no matter what they say, what they're really looking for is "something special." They can't quite describe it, but when they find it, they know.

You say you treat everyone that buys a house from the same but in reality you give each and every one of them a special experience. Sometimes it turns out to be a really bad special experience but a special none the less.

Here are some tips for giving them that “special” experience when working with you.

They want to be treated well!
People (even business buyers) care about the human touch. They want to be treated with respect and fairness. They want to feel like valued buyers, whose time and opinions matter. If people can't trust you to treat them right, they certainly won't trust you with their money. Whether or not the sale occurs depends on whether the customer feels taken for granted – or just taken.

They want an efficient buying process! 
From start to end, did each step of the sale go smoothly? Could the buyers get the answers or help they needed? Could they get the information they came for (or why not)? Was the operation arranged to accommodate them in their time frame? Were prices and payment options clear and easy to deal with?
They want little or no aggravation! 
Aggravations come in two types, those that shouldn't have happened (glitches) or those that happen to everyone, such as long waits, multiple visits, shortage of parts, etc. A buyer is willing to endure a little inconvenience, but not for long, not every time. Your job is to minimize inconveniences so they don't arise, not treat them like business as usual.

They don’t want you to play mind games! 
Sorry to point this out but the word "sales" gets misused too often. Selling isn't an opportunity to manipulate the potential buyer to do what the seller wants, rather than providing the buyer what he or she wants.

No one wants to feel like a sucker or to be misled about prices, delivery dates, or terms of the sale. Even a hint of such treatment kills trust, kills their willingness to hear you out. And if a person feels tricked into buying, they just won't buy. Or they might cancel the sale afterward from buyer's remorse.

They want an “organized business”! 
Starting with the first impression, did everything about the business live up to its promise or reputation? If every part of the operation works smoothly as an integrated whole, consider the customer well served. When the parts are mismatched or full of snags, it screams "small potatoes." That scares business away. Even if the issues are minor, they pull the plug on trust.

A new home buyer’s Special Experience starts and finishes with you. 

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