Friday, October 2, 2015

New Home for Your Yard Dogs

Every year one or more factories has a home they completed sitting in the yard ready for delivery but nobody wants it. The builder who originally ordered it had to cancel the order or it was built and completed without a deposit or worse case scenario, it was delivered and the builder couldn't pay for it and it was brought back to the factory staging area. 

A yard dog is born and every day that it is not sold the factory owners and management can hear it howling.

I've worked for several factories that had yard dogs and every sales rep would tour the house, write to all their builders hoping to sell it quickly and make a commission only to learn that spec houses are just about a dead issue or that the house is such a unique design that no builder wants to take the time trying to help out their factory with a dying yard dog.

Factories usually try everything to unload these dogs but given the limited number of builders each factory has, the chore of getting them sold seems to take forever.

Help is on the way. Modcoach will allow you to list your yard dogs on this blog at NO COST for 90 days. This is give you access to hundreds of new modular home builders that just might want to give your yard dog a good home.

All you have to do is send in the floorplan along with the states that you will ship to and a list of the top options. You can mention the name of the factory but that is optional. 

Once we receive your yard dog information, we will publish it and include "our" email address or we can use yours if you wish.

All inquiries will be forwarded to the factory. No Fee or Commission is due us. However if you do find a home for your yard dog through us, we would like you to buy us a cup of coffee and a Danish. It's the least you can do. Send your Yard Dogs to Modcoach


We will ship this home to the following states:
PA, MD, OH, IN, NY and NJ
Options include:
Whirlpool Tub.
4 skylights
marble countertops
hardwood flooring in the LR, DR and FR
9/12 roof pitch
Andersen 400 windows
Contact Yard Dog 

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