Friday, October 9, 2015

Spec Homes Making a Huge Comeback in NJ

Zarrilli Homes, Brick, NJ, continues to be a leader in modular home construction in the part of NJ where Hurricane Sandy destroyed thousands of homes. The landscape has changed drastically from one of total chaos to a more stable one with new homes, many of them modular, popping up everywhere.

There are still plenty of homes that need replaced but a sure sign that things are beginning to get back to normal are For Sale signs on Spec Homes. Anthony Zarrilli built this 3,700 sq beauty as a spec home and sold it quickly.

With its four bedrooms, four and a hold baths complete with an in-law suite and two outdoor decks, this 3,700 sq ft home is built on pilings near the ocean.

As they say on TV..."Enjoy the View!"

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