Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dreamline Homes Continues to Build Awesome

Dreamline Homes in Massachusetts has never met a challenging home they couldn't build and this one is just another example of that 'can do' attitude. As you look through this home it is hard, in fact almost impossible, to not be reminded of the quality that homes in New England were known for years ago. Those were the days when craftsmen took their trades seriously.

Today you'll have to agree that this 2,500 sq ft custom cape cod in Stering, MA is a throw back to those days of meticulous attention to detail. And it's also hard to believe that the owners, Kris Megna and Doug Carlson have only been building modular homes since 2007.


Harris - Finish Werks said...

Beautiful work, Kris & Doug!

Who was the manufacturer?

Frank said...

Excel Homes, of course, was the manufacturer