Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Fastest Way To Kill Your Website (Part 2 of 3)

5 Signs Your SEO ‘Expert’ Is Destroying Your Business

Hopefully by now you understand that if you’re going to be a modular home builder in the 21st century, you need to have a website (some builders still don’t!). You also understand the need to make yourself visible – there are people looking for your business right now, but if you don’t put your business out there, there’s no way customers will find you!

There are so many ways you can be putting your business out there, but I come from an SEO background, so of course increasing rankings on search engines like Google is my favorite way to build traffic. There are tons of ‘gurus’ out there who will tell you that they know the secret of exactly how to reach the #1 rank for any search term. I know their secret and I’m going to tell you. Ready?

They’re lying.

This installment of The Fastest Way To Kill Your Website has to do with by far the most common (and expensive!) way that many businesses fade into internet oblivion: Hiring the wrong person.

Hiring The Wrong SEO ‘Expert’

Right now the internet is sort of like the Wild, Wild West. Anyone can ride into town and claim to be an SEO expert. There’s no diploma to be earned – absolutely anyone can call themselves an “expert” and charge you $300 an article! And they will!

Here are some signs that your SEO expert is actually killing your website:

1. They promise you a #1 page ranking

This is a HUGE red flag. Anyone who thinks they can force a listing to the top of the search page quickly is either a moron or is using what’s known as ‘black hat’ techniques. This means that they use shady strategies that can be effective in the short term, but will earn you a huge penalty from search engines in the long run. You can’t run away too quickly from anyone who promises you a specific ranking.

2. They buy links

Back in the early 2000’s a huge part of a website rankings was how many other websites would link to them. This led to businesses buying links from ‘link farms.’ These were sites that didn’t have any content and would just put links to any site on the internet for a monthly fee. Search engines caught on and not only took away the positive impacts of those links, but actually started penalizing sites that were linked to from untrustworthy sources like link farms. If someone links to your page naturally, that’s great! If you have to pay them or link back to them, that’s shady and you’re going to get penalized.

3. They don’t know anything about your industry

Even the best SEO company won’t be able to help your business if they think ‘modular’ is the same as ‘manufactured.’ Your content needs to be written by someone who knows what they’re talking about enough to provide helpful, accurate information. Beautifully written copy doesn’t help if you’re not actually saying something.

4. They call themselves a ‘guru’

This is by far my favorite. Come on, really? A guru?

5. They don’t include images

Search engines look at everything on the page, and I mean everything. Every image used on the page is indexed – as is the image title, the alt-text, the link it points to, and the link where the image is stored on your site. If your page doesn’t include images with all of that information handled properly, that’s a wasted opportunity.

6. They don’t track performance

Many SEO companies have an endless cycle of write an article, post it, write an article, post it. They’re missing the important step of tracking the performance of old articles. Low or high visitor counts, bounce rates, time on page, conversion rates, etc. need to be tracked and analyzed so that they can make informed decisions about the subject of the next article. You could be throwing away thousands of dollars on content that no one will ever see and never even know the difference!

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