Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Ultimate in Modular Tiny Houses

Wow! I would love to live in this Tiny House floating on a river in Thailand right about now.

Alaligo Studio has designed and built the ultimate tiny house experience. If you are ready to begin your tiny house life, what could be better than this? Let me know when you get one and I'll fly over to Thailand and stay in it a couple of weeks to 'break it in' for you.

Located at a bend of the River Kwai, these floating Tiny Houses are oriented to maximize the view while minimizing solar heat gain. The X-Float, as the designers call it, offers privacy from its neighboring Tiny Houses and a full deck on top.

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Dan Hobbs said...

No need to upset your diurnal cycle by flying half way around the world; just head to New Orleans. Pontchartrain Landing has two floating villas which can be rented. See:

Yes, they are both modular and both delightful. I suggest you take your bride and enjoy all NOLA has to offer. Laissez les bons temps rouler!