Sunday, December 27, 2015

5 New Year’s Resolution for Modular Home Builders

Telling yourself that you are giving up fast food, driving fast or actually selling your boat in 2016 seems great on the surface but let’s be honest here. With almost 250,000 fast food joints in the US, your chances of giving them up is unrealistic as is driving within the speed limit. The only one that has half a chance is selling your boat. Well, not actually selling it, rather trading it in on a larger one.

2016 is not just another year that you will build modular homes for your customers, it’s a pivotal year for our industry and your business in particular. This year, take the time to prioritize your career goals. Here’s a look at five of the most effective professional New Year’s resolutions to get you on the fast path to success.

Identify the time killers
One of the most effective strategies to help prioritize objectives is to identify and strive to eliminate anything in your daily work life that is non-value added or inefficient. Take a hard look at the daily activities that either offer very little value to your overall success or compromise your efficiency. Categorize them into activities that can be dropped, delegated or potentially redesigned to be more efficient. Ideally, the goal is to systematically reduce time killers from your daily routine and free up valuable time to accomplish the vital tasks that correlate directly to your success.

Set specific goals for the year
It sounds cliché, but definitive goal setting has been scientifically proven to be highly effective. In fact, a Harvard Business School study found the 3 percent of Harvard Business School graduates who wrote down specific goals earned ten times as much as the other 97 percent combined. Goals that are broken down into smaller “actionable” objectives have a far better chance of success. Use the cold winter months to begin working on a Business Plan and/or a Marketing Plan. Regardless of your goals, start by writing them down and then be sure to hold yourself accountable by frequently reviewing your achievements to stay on track.

Embrace Social Media
Whenever you are communicating through a social medium you are helping to build a little more awareness about your business, especially if you have something truly interesting or exclusive to report. The more online publicity you get, inbound links you attract, journalists/bloggers you bond with etc... the more web traffic you get and therefore more likely to increase sales – simple eh!

Utilize current trends
Rather than just assuring potential clients that “now is a great time to buy a home,” do your homework to provide clients with insight into trends, reports and emerging government regulations to support why it’s a good time. Your vast knowledge will convey you’re continually evaluating the market to provide the best recommendations for those that trust you the most. Heading into 2016, let your potential home buyers know that you are the modular home guru in your marketing area.

Find new lunch venues
A recent study found only one-third of Americans take a lunch break and even less than that number eat away from their desk. Taking a lunch break has been proven to improve productivity, create stronger relationships at work, increase attention to detail and significantly increase overall happiness and attitude at work. Rather than staring at your computer screen for eight or more hours straight, take a relaxing, well-deserved lunch away from your desk to improve work productivity and your daily outlook. Once you decide to eat lunch, look for restaurants that have the best potential for uncovering potential new home buyers in your target market. Remember that Marketing Plan you worked on over the winter months. Make sure you have business cards on you, your vehicle has either signage or a magnetic sign with your phone AND email address on it.

Don’t just survive in the housing industry in 2016 – thrive. Utilize the support of your company, your home buyers, technology and your client-relationship management software, while leveraging your expertise and resolutions, to make this an unprecedented year for your business.

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