Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A New Modular Manufacturer Facing an Uphill Battle with the State

In Brewer, Maine, Snapspace Solutions has finally resolved a problem they were having with Maine’s Manufactured Housing Board where the board was worried about who or even if the modular sections, made from shipping containers, would be inspected.

Snapspace got their license on Monday but the caveat the company agreed to would make continuing business in Maine iffy at best.

Since the container homes are retrofitted inside the factory and then assembled onsite, the housing board decided that “the code enforcement officer from wherever they end up will do the inspection,

Can you imagine the uproar the modular housing industry in each state was told that third party inspections were not accepted but rather a code inspector from each state and/or local area where the houses were being sent had to be at the plant to sign off on the houses as they passed through each stage?

Snapspace Solutions’ factory is 125,000 sq ft and valued at $3.45 million. Quite an investment for a company that can’t sell their homes without local inspectors from any state or town driving to Brewer, Maine, spending an overnight or two and then possibly red flagging the module simply because the local inspector does not like modular container homes coming into his/her town.

I could be wrong about this but this looks like an uphill battle all the way.

Here’s a good luck wish to Chad Walton, Pres. and CEO. of Snapspace Solutions.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure that calling this, or categorizing it as modular construction is at all good for our industry...This is not modular construction as we know it or as we market it...This is a horse of a different color...This is retrofitting storage containers into living units, not that its a bad thing its just different...Our industry fought for years to distinguish itself from the mobile home industry...Now we fight for equality or superiority from traditional site built construction...Lumping products such as this into the category of modular construction just continues to muddy the water for our industry... Hats off for the ingenuity and wish them all the best but lets not allow these hybrid products to become more stumbling blocks for our industry.

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