Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Clayton Homes Enters 3D Printing Arena

Modular home factories and builders are struggling to bring automation into home construction while manufacturer Clayton Homes, the large HUD and On-Steel Frame Hudular home manufacturer, seems to be on a research and technology kick with 3D printed homes.

Clayton, along with architecture from Skidmore, Ownings and Merrill, TRU Design and none other than the Oak Ridge National Lab partnered to bring 3D printing technologies to the manufactured housing industry.

Built to HUD standards means that the 3D printed homes may soon be the home of choice for the first time home owner. No need to worry about those pesky local code enforcers demanding complicated plan reviews and inspections.


Classy said...

Too bad the real world price of this is probably way too expensive...
The idea is great though and could completely change how modular homes are built. Imagine what a 3 or 4 part modular home would look like!

Affordability will be the greatest hurdle here though.

josh margulies said...

awesome! just awsome!

josh margulies said...

in The short run production costs are a function of supply and demand. If like the little hobbit houses, demand can be found for these carbon fiber units, then in the long run the cost of producing (printing) each additional house will go down. but I thought printing a house required the extrusion of some sort of some Cementious plastic material. I did not get that impression here. But it's cool to see something other than wood it's just very cool