Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Finally, a Reporter Writes a Great Article About Modular Housing

Rani Molla, a Bloomberg Gadfly reporter, wrote an article on Dec 29th about modular housing and it’s a good one with charts and graphs and all that good stuff. She even mentioned that the MHBA has recently formed a national marketing committee.

That came as a direct result of the Factory Round Table in early December sponsored by the MHBA and yours truly, the Modcoach.

Here is the article that has the facts right about our industry.

Little Pink (Modular) Houses  by Rani Molla

With a labor squeeze in construction making U.S. houses less affordable, it's nice to know there's a less costly alternative for would-be homeowners. It's just that the solution -- modular housing -- has an image problem with many Americans. So let's clear that up.

First, what they're not: Modular houses aren't the same as mobile homes, despite some misperceptions to the contrary. While both are factory-made, modular houses are constructed in pieces, or modules, according to the specifications of local building guidelines, then shipped and assembled on site. They don't go anywhere after that.

Now for what they are: Modular houses have much more in common with traditional homes, and they can be just as varied. The modular construction method allows builders to offer hundreds of floor plans in all types of shapes and sizes that can be customized based on buyer’s specifications. The quality level is also similar to "stick-built" homes, or those constructed from the ground up.

One big difference is cost: The median permit value , a rough estimation of construction costs, comes in at $146,000 for modular houses. That's more than $50,000 less than the median for traditional houses.

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Tom Hardiman said...

Not by accident Gary. She called MHBA with a lot of questions about modular homes. We gave her several resources to follow up with. But it is nice to see a journalist get it right. Thanks for sharing the article.