Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Iowa Reporter Spreads the Truth About Modular Homes

Reporters have notoriously been misinformed about the differences between modular housing and manufactured housing and lumping modular homes into the same group of homes as the HUD products produced mostly mobile home parks.

So it was refreshing to read about a reporter/answer guru for the Qaud Cities Times in Iowa actually giving a reader with a question about manufactured housing the correct one even though the city ordinance he sites is his story does put us in the same category as mobile and manufactured homes.

Roy Booker

A tip of the hat to Roy Booker, the Quad Cities Times ‘answer guy.” Here is the question and the answers he found.

Q. What are the rules regarding placing manufactured housing on a private lot in Davenport, Bettendorf, Blue Grass and Buffalo. Can you also include rural Scott County?

A. Ryan Rusnak, in Community Planning & Economic Development for the city of Davenport, said, "The Davenport City Code permits a manufactured home on a legal lot of record where a single-family dwelling is permitted if it is consistent with the following definition: 'Single-family dwelling' means a building, including a manufactured home, mobile home or modular home, designed for or occupied exclusively by one family; provided that any single-family dwelling erected after the effective date of this section shall have, at a minimum, a habitable area above the foundation of at least seven hundred sixty-eight feet and a width of twenty-four feet for at least seventy-five percent of its largest dimension (unless it is located in a manufactured or mobile home land-lease community). If located outside of a mobile home park or manufactured home land-lease community, it shall be located on a permanent perimeter UBC approved foundation and converted to real property as per the state Code of Iowa. (Ord. 2012-337 § 4 (part): Ord. 2006-214 § 1 (part): Ord. 88-12 § 1: prior code § 42-2(16))."

Tim Brandenburg, mayor of Blue Grass, responded: "In regards to modular homes, They have been used in the city and these are constructed as a stick-built home. The square footage has to meet the standards set by the city and or the subdivisions with their special regulations. Mobile Homes are not permitted.

Thanks Roy for learning the truth about modular homes and sharing it with your readers.

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