Wednesday, December 16, 2015

PBS Continues to Build Great Commercial Modular Projects

Professional Building Systems (PBS), located in Middleburg, PA, is proud to announce that it has completed four (4) multi-family apartment buildings in White Plains, NY totaling more than 146,000 square feet of living space, with another 100,000 square feet scheduled for construction in early 2016.  The four buildings were built for and developed by David Mann, of Lighthouse Enterprises, LLC.

“Working with Lighthouse Enterprises has been a great experience,” stated Ken Reinard, General Manager of Professional Building Systems. “David has a great long range vision and he really understands how modular construction can help him achieve his goals. We could not ask for a better partnership.”

PBS and Lighthouse have combined to deliver four unique apartment buildings in White Plains. La Gianna and Apouvia are both four-story apartment buildings over ground level parking; while Dylan and Reed are three-story apartment buildings over ground level parking.  Combined, the four buildings bring more than 140 apartments to the White Plains market.
According to Mann, Professional Building Systems and the efficiencies appreciated with modular construction were the keys to the quick growth of his company and the success of each project. “I could have never accomplished this much in such a short period of time without a partner like PBS,” stated Mann. “The PBS team brings a number of intangibles to the table. Certainty of price and schedule are by far the two biggest advantages. Plus, the multi-family experience, knowledge and expertise that the PBS team brings to a project is irreplaceable.”

Production capacity is another important advantage of working with Professional Building Systems according to David Mann. “PBS has two large production facilities and a workforce that clearly takes pride in what they do,” stated Mann. The management team is both aggressive and forward thinking when it comes to accommodating my 30, 40 or 50 module projects. I don’t know many factories that could accomplish this success without a major disruption to their core single family business. As a developer this is an extremely important benefit.”

PBS and Lighthouse are currently working on the next two projects slated for 2016. “It’s a real collaboration,” stated Ed Clark Territory Manager. “Our teams work well together. In fact it’s not uncommon to see David or another member of the Lighthouse team working hand-in-hand with a member of the PBS team here in Middleburg. This collaborative environment has really equated to increased efficiencies on both sides. It’s like any successful team – the more you work together the more success you appreciate.”
Professional Building Systems, Inc. was founded in April of 2000 and is recognized as one of the largest modular manufacturers on the east coast with over 280,000 square feet of manufacturing space, more than 300 dedicated construction professionals and expertise in single family, multi-family and commercial structures. More information about PBS can be found at

Lighthouse Enterprise, LLC is a New York based company. More information about Lighthouse Enterprise can be found at