Tuesday, January 12, 2016

20 Tips to Help Improve Your Business

1. Be a more efficient time manager by using the rule of two. Focus on the two most important tasks in your day, and you’ll become more productive.

2. Write two to-do lists. The first should contain everything that you need to get done soon. It should be a comprehensive list of short-, medium-, and long-term projects and work, and you should constantly adjust it. The second to-do list should be what you can reasonably expect to get done today, and today only.

3. Visualize your day. Try starting each day by closing your eyes for 10 or 20 seconds and visualizing how you want it to go.

4. Schedule some reading time. There’s not a job that doesn’t require at least some reading, be it about the industry, the marketplace, the economy, the price of lumber, etc.

5. Embrace the number one truth about stress: Only you create it. Take some deep breaths. Make a list of everything that needs to get done. It will help you to organize your day.

6. Take on just one new activity at a time. When you try to master too many new activities at once, you can easily feel overwhelmed.

7. On a daily action list, categorize tasks: those that need immediate attention (you had better do them yourself), those that can be delegated, and those that can be put off. To avoid procrastination, tackle the toughest jobs first, breaking them into smaller, less daunting components.

8. Make a point of sharing your knowledge with others in the modular housing industry. Our industry is a small part of the overall new home business and working together is important.

9. Keep abreast of trends in your industry by joining the MHBA, attending conferences, and reading newsletters and magazines. Take classes and attend training to learn from others in our industry.

10. Collaboration. Find the people who have what you need and is willing to collaborate with you. A true WIN/WIN situation can skyrocket a business! Attending Modcoach’s Builder Breakfasts, Boot Camps and Round Tables is an excellent way to share time and knowledge with your modular home peers.

11. Make networking with others in your field a priority. Schedule some time to meet for coffee or lunch or keep in touch via email and social networks.

12. Try to challenge yourself in new ways. Seek out complex work and new ideas to avoid boredom and repetition.

13. Take care of your health. Schedule that physical exam you’ve been putting off and make sure you get exercise and take care of any personal issues that are troubling you.

14. Don’t do it alone! Get support from family, friends, coaches, and fellow builders.

15. Perform an assessment of the market conditions to find out how you match up to other companies like yours, get clear on your financial position.

16. Get input from your employees and clients. They probably have a lot of ideas for how you could grow, and it might not have occurred to you to ask them.

17. Project a consistent polished professional image, in order to send the message to the world about the quality of your homes.

18. Take a step back and learn how to delegate. A great mantra is, “Don’t just do it, delegate it!”

19. Develop a brand identity which will resonate with the customer and reflect the key aspects of the company, including not only its products, but its culture and goals.

20. Raise your prices. Find a target market that is willing to pay for premium prices. The luxury market is booming and every modular builder should find a product to serve them.

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