Saturday, January 9, 2016

Canadian Factory Sending Modular Hotel to Sweden

In an ironic twist in the modular construction business, a Swedish company is buying their modules from a Canadian factory. With modular construction being the majority of new housing in Sweden, it seems that demand may be outstripping their ability to keep up. 

Hey US modular home factories; Stop, Look and go back and read the last sentence again.

EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp., a Welland, Ont.-based cleantech firm, has won a major contract to build modular housing for refugees in Sweden.

Under the agreement, EHT will supply Property Inventor AB, a Swedish company with a track record installing modular hotels, with 1,000 modular hotel units over the next 12 months.

The modular units offer compact, multi-level housing for short term use, and are optimized for rapid deployment.

“Our modular construction technology has proven to be an ideal solution for the current refugee / immigrant housing crisis,” Roman Eder, CEO of EHT, said. “These energy efficient units can be quickly assembled in the required location without the need for power grid connection, thereby reducing costs and more importantly time.”

Each unit is valued at approximately $32,000, bringing the total value of the contract to $32 million.

A recent article about Lindb├Ącks modular building another new modular factory in Sweden shows the country is embracing modular more every day.

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