Monday, January 11, 2016

Cape Coral, FL Residents Angry About New Modular Homes

Modular homes are allowed to be built anywhere but sometimes a site developer tries to force a rather simple modular home design into an area that clearly doesn't warrant it.

That is what is happening in a neighborhood in Cape Coral, FL where a Skyline modular home of modest design is being built on a lot next to homes that obviously are priced many times higher. The neighbors are upset that property values will drop throughout the community as more of these type of modular homes are built.

This is absolutely no reflection on modular housing but it is a bad reflection on the developer that has chosen to put modest, box type modular homes into an area that is almost exclusively high end construction.

One problem that should be noted is that building homes like the ones already in the development has all but dried up since the housing recession and only a more modest home will have any chance of being built today.

Watch the video and you decide if the neighbors are upset about a modular home being built in their neighborhood or if they should be angry at the builder.


Anonymous said...

They should be upset with the property owner and perhaps at the builder/developer but not the fact that it is a modular home. However, it may be the property owner could only afford what they bought as opposed to the stucco/tile roof McMansion next door.

Unfortunately, it will be the modular factory/dealer/builder who will be blamed for delivery of a "lower cost" home.

Anthony said...

This is just ridiculous that it is even making news. If you go to "anywhere, USA" there are "upscale" developments that have a home or two stick built that are too small, ugly, poorly designed, small, or any other reason that it doesn't fit in and should be in the news for it "devaluing" the neighborhood. Why isn't this making headlines? Why is the modular industry the punching bag for the building industry? WAKE UP PEOPLE AND ATTEND THE CONFERENCE ON JANUARY 28TH AND LET'S WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF OUR INDUSTRY!

Anonymous said...

On Saturday January 9 the city had a F2 tornado go through the city. The question is should pretty design win out over Saftey and Security in zoning and code?

Anonymous said...

Once again you have a case where it is not the fact that its a modular home, its the fact that the design and scope of the project conflicts with the surrounding neighborhood...If this same house were stick built in the same location, would you not have the same issues? Once this home is finished, and assuming its a true modular and not a "hudular" cross breed, per the building code and in passing you would not know what type of construction was utilized to construct the home so the fact that it is a modular becomes a mute point... This report seems to be pretty "modularphobic" and centers on the fact that the house is modular, not the fact that it is a design issues with the style and scope of the project given its location and surroundings... As the media does oh so well they seek out others with the same agenda to interview and put on camera... To me this seems like its a planning board and local administration problem as they had nothing in place governing design or size requirements to protect the integrity of the other homes being built in their community... The "Not in my backyard" scenario raises its ugly head once again.

Steve L said...

NIMBY attitudes exists for our industry everywhere. Many in the building industry hate the this type of construction. It makes for a good news story to promote values dropping and bring the TV cameras.

The Realtor has explained the appearance of this type of construction appears to affect the neighbors value. Duh! Just look at the TV story.

The Realtor is more in tune to have many subcontractors, their trucks, wood pallets, cement trucks and trash bins scattered throughout the yard to appear to the neighbors beliefs a better value. C'mon?

The reality is that his discussion points should be tabled until finished and landscaped then offer your Realtor opinion of value.