Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cape Coral Residents Blame Modular Homes

Oh those poor folks in a upscale neighborhood now have to contend with those awful, cheap, cheese box modular homes. Sorry folks, the problem is not the modular home, it the the current economy and the modular home builder.

If people could afford to build those big McMansions like you live in, there would be no need for a developer to want to sell mid range modular ranch homes in your neighborhood. But they can't and a local modular home builder stepped in and began filling the void. Good for him!!!
Neighbors said they became concerned when construction began on Kismet Parkway and Embers Terrace for homes they believe will devalue property in the area. One local builder and appraiser, Bernie Exposito, said the modular homes taint residents’ investments.
Let the modular homes continue to roll into this neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Blaming the horse because Custer rode it into an ambush. I agree that modular is getting a bad image in Cape Coral.

Anonymous said...

i have not seen this one but about 10 yrs ag one was built on Hancock bridge parkway same outrage etc but today you can go by that section and most cannot pick it out. and the city is built by individual builders on lots and you were able to build what you wanted but the city changed and not for the better during the boom it still a ok place but not as good as when i moved 20 yrs ago expensive homes brought a house s not a home attitude its a investment, thought that helped get the crash

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the mass marketers of HUD homes produce what we would call a "hudular". It is built to "modular" (local building code) standards but looks like a mobile home (In Florida they even allow "on frame modulars" which is even worse). The homes that the Cape Coral owners are mad at will never look like a site built home in the area (even if stucco is applied as is being discussed) as it has tiny roof pitch with mushroom caps that rust within the first year, basically no over hangs, narrower fascia board, and "tacked on" garage etc.. Homes like these from the large HUD manufacturers like Skyline (these homes), Champion, Clayton and others make a terrible name for "modular" because lay people don't understand the difference. The "dealer" isn't going to tell them not to do it, just how low the price is.