Saturday, January 30, 2016

Evaluating Your Website - Pt 4 of 6

Site Architecture & Navigation

Site Architecture and Navigation is a huge part of any website. If your site is difficult to navigate, people will flee like Lemming. Your site needs to be constructed for the ease of use of your visitor. Certainly you can have a point a view regarding what you would like your visitors to do and see on the site but you must always defer to their natural inclinations and make it effortless for them to access the most desired content areas on your site.

Here are some thoughts regarding questions you might ask about your sites navigation as well as any other website.
  • As you enter the site do the pages and elements download quickly and accurately?
  • How easy is it for you to click around the site?
  • Is information accessible within three clicks or less?
  • Are there any broken links on the site?
  • Is there a site map?
  • If necessary is there a search function on the site?
  • Did that search function find the subject matter you were looking for on the site?
  • Can you go straight to the home page from any other page on the site?
  • Are the menu items clearly and accurately named?
  • If there are multiple menus on the highlighted homepage such as in a side-bar?
  • Are all items listed on side-bar included in the master site menu?
  • Can you escape from any page without using the back button or are you forced in to blind corners?
  • Does the site use PDF’s to deliver information and if so that the proper delivery form?
  • Does the site try to anticipate your needs?
  • Does the site attempt to interact with you?
  • Are their pop-ups and if so are they helpful or annoying
  • Aside from Contact Us forms, are there opportunities for communication as in chat features etc.?
  • Are their help features on the site?
  • Are the forms on the site easy or burdensome?  
  • Is too much personal information asked on the site?
  • Is something of value offered in return for your e-mail address?
  • Does the site offer the ability to save content or information on a personalized folder for later use?
  • Does the site’s layout and visual elements translate in the most used browsers?
  • Is the site mobile optimized?

I welcome hearing your thoughts regarding Site Architecture & Navigation when evaluating websites. Feel free to post your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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