Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Express Modular is Just Showing Off

When the hit DIY TV series, Breakneck Builds, went looking for modular home builders to use for their new show, one of the builders they asked to showcase a modular home being built was Express Modular.

Not only did they find a very willing builder in Ken Semler, the owner of Express Modular, the producers actually went back to him for another home to video being set, finished and completed. Since Express Modular builds modular homes across the entire US, look for more of their homes in the new season of Breakneck Builds.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the video shoot and some great interior shots of his featured homes.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if they are going to point out that Express Modular does not build any homes themselves. They use a variety of great modular home factories to supply their needs. I am not trying to be disrespectful. They normally deliver a great product, but they totally misrepresent the home as being an "Express Modular" home, when it was actually built by anyone of a dozen other legitimate manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

Just curious how many builders promote the factory as the builder versus their personal brand. To my knowledge none of the factories are builders they are manufacturers and if you check Express Modular website you will clearly see they detail the specs and options from each factory that manufactures homes for them.

I bet you promote your homes as XYZ Homes not ABC manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

This business model puts a black eye on our industry. How can you sell yourself as a builder when you are not involved with the site work? In order to have a long term sustainable business model on the retail side of this business you have to understand the local codes, how to prep the site, pulling permits, septic and well, then yet alone finishing the home after its set on the foundation. The reason manufactures have retailers is for this reason. Shopping online for a home sounds great but when it comes down to it most end home buyers don't know what it takes to complete a project and the factory can only get you so far. This is a good example of manufactures not qualifying retailers prior to selling to them. Not to mention after the home is finished who is going to service the home if the builder isn't around? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Ken Semler said...


I think there are many misconceptions about how Express Modular works. Express Modular sells itself as a builder because we are the most licensed and tested builder in the modular industry. Many states in the northeast have no testing requirements and "builders" are those that simply call themselves that and get customers. Over the years, many factories have had to pay the price for "builders" that didn't know anything about building and they have cost them hundreds of thousands in dollars and reputation. Express Modular has protected our customers from many factories over the years that have gone out of business and we have stood behind the warranty obligations that would have otherwise damaged our customers.

We actually have a fantastic working relationship with our customers and factories because everyone on our team is very familiar with modular construction and comes from the modular industry and/or are former builders themselves. We actually work with builders in supporting our customers and our team acts as project consultants to the onsite owners and builders for the success of every project. None of our factories has ever been sued or even threatened because we support our customers, unlike the factories of other "builders".

Instead of putting a black eye on the industry, Express Modular exemplifies excellence in the industry. I personally sit on the Board of Directors for the MHBA, I am on the Board of Trustees for the NAHB - BSC. I am the National Director to the NAHB for my local Home Builders Association, and am active in the promotion of this industry for everyone. I will be speaking to the NAHB - IBS next week on how to use modular construction to support the 55+ market. So, please don't put down our model until you understand it. We are a national company with a local presence that thrives using and promoting the use of modular construction.

Ken Semler

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post it gives a clearer picturer of Express Modular as I'm in my beginning stage of researching modular homes.

Josh Margulies said...

Ken, the relationships and the players are, in your particular national model, essential to indentify. Some confusion exists as to who does what. Otherwise it is an awesome internet presence.

The use of a local GC to start and complete the project allows for a multi state presence. How is the thing to be divided etc THIS is what needs some evaluation by the GC customers you need to attract.

You need a few local people to make each build work. Finding those people so they can partner with you more then once: this is a professional challenge to be sure.

Gary, you will simply need to blow a builders horn more gently. You will make the boys jealous and they will whine and snap at you.