Saturday, January 30, 2016

Modular Home Builder Winning Big in Cape Coral, Florida

Modcoach Note: This is my last mention of this topic as it no longer is a matter of modular vs site built but rather neighbors not wanting anything to happen to the inflated estimate of their property values.

NBC2 News in Cape Coral, FL just released a very nice report trying to explain the facts of modular housing to the residents that live near this new home.

As usual, it appears that money is the problem when the TV reporter interviewed a Realtor about the impact this custom modular home will have on the neighboring homeowners. This Realtor couldn't care less about a modular home moving into that community, he is more likely to only be concerned about the small hit his commission will take maybe 10 years from now when and if he is lucky enough to list a home in this development.

If this home had more than a 3/12 roof pitch, many of the residents would never have known that a modular home was in their neighborhood. That roof pitch is typical of manufactured homes but every house with that roof pitch is not a manufactured home. End of story.

This video gives us a tour through the interior of this controversial new modular home and to tell the truth, it has a great looking kitchen and other features. Enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

i had no idea they were so damn ugly. too bad missed opportunity turned into damage control.

Anonymous said...

The builder may be winning but the image for the industry is taking a hit. Probably would have been better if he did a 5/12 nominal instead of the 3 1/2. Once local governments start playing with zoning we get squeezed and site builders just shrug as they are ordering fabricated trusses for 5-7/12 hip trusses and laugh all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Just read the Jacksonville FL code and except for possibly the roof pitch the home meets all of the other basic requirements in that code. Will be fun watching the council wrestle with the various lobby groups from site builders to real estate agents.