Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plattsburgh Housing Outlet Sponsors “Home Building 101”

My mentor and friend and advocate for the modular housing industry, Jerry Rouleau, used to tell anyone that would listen that modular builders and manufactured home dealers cannot sit around and wait for the phone to ring.

You had to be proactive by holding Open Houses, becoming a drop off for Toys for Tots and Hold Home Buying Workshops.

Michelle LaBounty and the team at Plattsburgh Housing Outlet in Plattsburgh, NY took his advice to heart and have been holding “Home Building 101” Workshop 5 times a year for the past 13 years. If Jerry were still here to see this, I know he would be very pleased.

The Workshops in January, March, May, July and October are well received with upwards of 50 people learning what a lender is looking for, how to find and develop their property, the differences and advantages of modular and manufactured homes, how long the process takes and much more.

Held in a restaurant near their office, these Workshops are free and the people are under no obligation. People in any stage of looking at building or buying a new home is encouraged to attend.

My hat is off to Michelle and her team.

If you would like to attend one of the Workshops or are modular home builder outside the 100 mile sales radius of Plattsburgh, feel free to contact Michelle LaBounty about helping you get one started for your business.

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