Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Evolution of Modular Housing Begins

Mark January 28, 2016 on your calendar. That will be remembered as the day that the evolution of modular housing industry began.

It actually started back on December 3rd of 2015 when 13 factory owners and top management met for the first time ever to discuss and begin planning for the future of modular housing in the United States. But that was just the factories meeting; no builders or vendors were present. Just Tom Hardiman for the MHBA and yours truly, Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach.

The January 28 meeting saw modular home builders coming together from the Mid-Atlantic, New England and Northeast meeting for the very first time without any factory person in the room. It was awesome.

Finally the modular home builder, who has been abused and misaligned by the home buying public, the state and regional code offices and even by the very factories that manufacture some of the most beautiful homes in America, drew a line in the sand and said “Now it’s up to us to make our industry strong, recognized and understood.”

These builders unleashed their frustrations about the lack of industry marketing, the confusion the buyer finds when looking at modular housing and finally by the apathy everyone in this industry has had about it. That is, until the meeting.

They want an association to stand up for them, to market for them, to create the place where every new homebuyer can go to get the facts about what we build. No longer will they stand to be confused with HUD homes, manufactured homes, on-frame steel cookie cutter homes or prefabricated wall assemblies shipped to a jobsite and called modular. No longer will they tolerate factory sales reps that lack training on what they do or code officials that look down their collective noses at modular construction.

Builders in the Northeast US are finally waking up this week to an orchestrated effort by the MHBA and its builder members to begin the evolution. This is not a revolution but instead it will evolve into a powerhouse for all modular home builders across the US to join. From the Midwest to the Northwest, from the Southwest to the Southeast, the MHBA and its current members will be reaching out for every true modular home builder and every true modular home factory to join and contribute to the success of the evolution.

Modcoach, the owner of this blog will continue to write about our industry, schedule workshops, roundtables, boot camps and breakfasts throughout the US about our great industry. The MHBA will begin refocusing itself to be the partner that both the modular home builder and the modular home factory have both said they want it to be.

Training programs, advertising, marketing materials, lobbying for equality with our site builder peers and generating more positive press releases will be the goals for the MHBA.
A revolution means an overthrow of the status quo, an evolution means the slow, steady change needed to make our industry the best part of new home building in America.

Join the evolution today by joining the MHBA. It will be the best investment you will ever make for your business and your customers.

Modcoach Note: The Modular Home Builder blog and the MHBA are not affiliated with each other in any way except wanting the best for the modular home industry.

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Anthony said...

Anyone who is involved or is just entering the modular home industry MUST join the MHBA. It is an invaluable organization with a plethora of information and wealthy of assistance to assist you in your success in the modular industry. My advice: Follow the modular coach, join the MHBA and be involved in the evolution of one of the greatest, underrated industries in the country. Looking forward to 2016 and beyond!