Monday, February 15, 2016

All American Homes in Iowa Ringing in 2016 on a Good Note

The All American Homes factory in Dyersville, Iowa, is having a great start for the 2016 building season. Orders and sales are up almost 10% over the previous year. That is on top of a 30% increase in sales the past 4 years.

All American Homes is part of the IBS family of modular homes that includes Excel, Keiser and Mod-U-Kraf brands among others.

Doug Simpson, the General Manager of the All American factory in Iowa, is a long time veteran of the modular housing industry and has weathered the 2008 housing recession. He credits the dedication of his employees to building the highest quality homes in the Midwest and his many authorized new home builders with the continued growth.


William aka "Little Bill" said...

Great Job to AAH of Iowa. It is about time we hear about the positives in the modular industry. Keep up the good work Iowa

Tom P. said...

That is a great video of a small factory operation. I have known Doug Simpson for over 15 years and he is one man of a few men that I would trust to run a factory. He sure knows what he is doing. Keep up the good work Doug and I wish you and your employees continued success.

Coach, thanks for sharing the video of a Mid-West factory. Its not often that we hear about these success stories.

Coach said...

Tom P., I could not agree more about Doug. What a great guy.