Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another Reason Modular Housing is Growing in Popularity

In a recent survey, more than half of the participants said the drop in single-family construction in the last 10 years was due to high labor costs and a lack of skilled workers.

Unskilled, Underpaid Illegal Construction Workers Waiting for Work

Zillow’s Home Price Expectations (ZHPE) Survey found that:
  • 67.1% of surveyed housing experts believe construction labor costs will go up due to the decline of undocumented immigration in the U.S., while only 10.6% expect those costs will go down.
  • 43.5% of respondents said fewer illegal workers means more U.S.-born or other legally authorized workers will enter the residential construction workforce, but 40% said that high labor costs will force homebuilders to shift to the higher-margin, luxury end of the market to see profits.
  • And 30.6% of survey participants said the declining number of undocumented workers will result in fewer new homes being built, and 20% believe demand for rental housing will diminish, resulting in a moderation of rent growth in communities that have always served undocumented immigrant populations.

This is just one more reason that new home buyers need to learn about the advantages and benefits of building a custom modular home. There are NO illegal workers in modular home factories.

If you don’t think that using illegals is an important hot button with your prospective new home buyers, then you probably haven’t seen the crowds wherever Donald Trump speaks out about it. The American people don’t want illegals doing work that a legal US worker can do.  

Let's take full advantage of this situation.

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