Thursday, February 18, 2016

Modular Home Builders Association Increases Marketing Reach with Historic Change

The Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA)is launching their Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) to more effectively educate potential homebuyers.

The Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) Board of Directors unanimously approved a new initiative to better educate potential new homebuyers with the launch of its “Consumer Awareness Program(CAP).

”Beginning on April 1, 2016, MHBA manufacturer members have voluntarily agreed to add$10 per module on each newly constructed home and will dedicate those funds to marketing the modular home industry. This small increase of revenue will provide MHBA with funds to effectively reach thousands of potential new modular home buyers. MHBA will focus on educating new homebuyers about the advantages of building a modular home and providing them with access to a vast amount of resources that will showcase MHBA members extensive experience in the industry.

Through MHBA, homebuyers will gain access to sample floorplans, be able to find a local builder,and will even be able to request an estimate for their dream home.

“We are so excited to be leading this effort to better educate consumers about the many advantages of modular homes,” said MHBA Executive Director Tom Hardiman. “From greater energy efficiency and waste reduction to higher quality control with huge time savings, we know our industry builds a better home and we want to share that information with the world.”

This small increase in funds will also directly benefit MHBA members through an increase in marketing materials. These new materials will support their efforts to enlighten potential regional homebuyers to building a modular home that is the perfect stepping stone for their future.

Pat Fricchione, MHBA Board Chair and President and CEO of Simplex Homes says “Simplex Homes is a proud participant in this progressive program. CAP is the perfect opportunity for our industry to work together and raise our profiles in the home building industry.”

The following manufacturers have already agreed to participate in the Consumer Awareness Program: Apex Homes, Excel Homes, Manorwood, Muncy Homes, Inc., Pennwest Homes, Ritz-Craft Homes, and Simplex Homes.

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Modcoach Note: If you are a modular home builder and do not see your factory in the list above, call them today and ask them to become active in helping make our industry stronger. And if you are not a member of the MHBA, what are you waiting for? This is the type of action you've been screaming about for years and yet you continue to sit on the sidelines. Shame on you. 


Tom Hardiman said...

Thanks for sharing this news Gary. And thanks for hosting the manufacturers and builders round tables that really brought this issue to the forefront.

We know this will be a big undertaking and a big responsibility to get this right! We are asking ALL manufacturers to support this effort at some level for the pilot period from April - September. We will then reassess and evaluate our progress at the MHBA annual meeting in October.

But please manufacturers and builders - don't take a wait and see approach on this! This initiative will be as successful as the industry makes it. Email me for a copy of the "Agreement to Cooperate" or with any questions -

Anthony said...

Gary and Tom I commend you as well as all the manufacturers and builders who are stepping up to the plate. This is a historic even in our industry and the positive effects will be felt instantly and years to come. 2016 will be a great year for our industry through all facets working together as a unit instead of each fragmented which will in turn make the Modular industry the most success it can be. Congratulations to all involved and anyone who is not better jump on this train for it is going to be a great ride!!!

Harris - Finish Werks said...

For the unaffiliated or unacquainted, get used to seeing the names "Gary and Tom" a lot more often.

With MHBA's organizational expertise combined with the power of a growing campaign War Chest, and Gary's blog trumpeting loudly to our industry the great news, we have no where to go but up.

I trust the non-members will become acquainted ASAP and affiliate themselves before they get egg on their faces.

Very Good Times are coming...

Unknown said...

Well done Gary and everyone that has worked to pull this together. This is a game changer for our industry and I agree with Anthony that this is a historic” event in the making. Yes, there will always be gain for those builders and manufacturers who wish to not participate. They may grow, fail or just ride the shirttails. That’s life with any industry. My concern is one of execution. I'm hopeful that whomever the association hired/hires to pull together this marketing campaign has a keen eye for what todays savvy technologically advanced home buyers wants and needs are. I hear all too often from my clientele that our industries current marketing / web sites seem to be stuck in the 80's and 90's (outdated). We need fresh up to date marketing that is current and competitive with the stick builders and architects...

Will there be a chance for builders who are the front line sales force to chime in on the look and feel of this campaign?

Tom Hardiman said...


Nothing is set in stone at this point. It was a pretty big hurdle to get the funding mechanism and the concept in place. Both Anthony and Harris serve on MHBA's marketing committee and will(and have) offered guidance on how this campaign will look.

But yes, there is room for more input if you are interested in helping.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom, I'm very interested in helping. I will send you an email with my contact information.

Stevehbgpa said...

This is historic. Congratulations to the industry and the MHBA!

Anonymous said...

well done every one!